Coldstore Wibaco

Coldstore Wibaco B.V. situated in the Rotterdam port area, is a small but very effecient cold storage warehouse. Our core business is cold storage of a wide variety of products and custums services.

Within the premises of our cold storage warehouse we have a Border Inspection Post (B.I.P.) for frozen and canned products.

The storage of your frozen products is in good hands with our company. Through years of experience in cold storage and the network we build in the Rotterdam area, we are able to offer a fast and reliable service.

Coldstore Wibaco B.V. offers a variety of services, from loading and unloading bulk containers, to picking and packing  of your orders a coli level, we are there for you.

All our warehouses comply to a set of strict rules and regulations  enforced by the Dutch Veterinarian Office (nVWA) which has therefor given us a K-clearance.